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broken spring repair

Normally garage door is fitted with springs (torque) which comes with the working guarantee of 3 to 7 years. They are able to produce cycle of 10,000 to 15,000 turns. Thus, spring is an essential part of the garage door and if it is loose or not attached properly to the door, health hazard can occur. It also happens that due to temperature fluctuation and too strain on the springs, they experience malfunctioning. Apart from external causes of broken springs, even if you tend to fix glass or add any other material in the garage door, the spring will get weak and their capacity of holding the weight of the garage door is also reduced, thus the life of a garage door is greatly reduced. We are the expert in this field. You just need to contact us and then leave everything to us. We advise you not to operate your door if you have any feeling of springs being detached. If you are living in a coastal area, then due to humidity in the air, the performance of your garage door will be impacted. Queen Garage door services in New York work keeping in view all these elements and their workforce is trained in producing the required assistance and services. Avail our new discount offer and forget all your worries. Our experts will visit you and solve all your queries.